Travel Destinations Bali, Gili Islands, Phuket and Lanta Island

Travel Destinations BaliIf you are looking at what to do in your next holidays you may look at this article. We are likely to talk about two beautiful travel locations: in Indonesia, Bali and Gili Islands, as well as in Thailand, Phuket and Lanta Island.

In Thailand >

Phuket may be the greatest island in Thailand and probably the most popular travel locations on the planet. Whether you are looking at aquatic sports, relaxing around the beach, shopping, night life and much more, its in Thailand.

If you are searching for a tranquility on the beautiful tropical island then you need to visit Lanta Island, also known as Koh Lanta. You are able to take ferry from Phuket to Koh Lanta and revel in beautiful scenery from the Andaman Ocean in route.

In Indonesia

The Gili Islands are Lombok’s most searched for-after tourist destination. Gili Trawangan is both biggest and also the favorite island from the archipelago. Vacationers also think of it as the ‘party island’. The nearest someone to Lombok is Gili Air. Between both of these islands, you’ll find Gili Meno.

If you’re searching for a Bali to Gili Islands ferry, you need to know that you will find a number of options you can buy – some ferries will enable you to get there faster, however a quick trip can cost you more, whereas slow ferries might take between ten to twelve hrs to achieve the Gili Islands from Bali. Nonetheless, this is actually the cheaper alternative.

From Bali towards the Gilis

The fastest method of getting from Bali towards the Gili Islands is as simple as fast boat and every one of these direct travel services continue onto Lombok. Local boat services depart daily in the port of Benoa and also the Seragan Island towards the south of Bali. If you’re remaining in East Bali, you may also choose speed service from Padang Bai or Amed. You’ll find both fast and slow ferry services during these places.

Ferry Tickets

You can easily contact fast boat and ferry companies either by online or phone. However, of you aren’t sure which local travel agency suits your requirements best, you need to speak with one of the numerous local travel specialists. Based on regardless of whether you select a slow or perhaps a fast service, prices vary from $55 to $80 one of the ways.

If you wish to go back to Bali after investing a few days on among the wonderful Gili Islands, be ready to pay more, as return tickets for any Bali to Gili Islands ferry cost between $99 to $150. However, you will get cheaper offers with slow ferries that travel by evening – a few of these services cost under $30. Be cautioned, though, as the standard and safety of those ships is questionable.

Helpful Crossing Tips

If what you would like is really a shorter crossing, you are able to have a ferry from Padang Bai. In case your voyage towards the Gilis begins here, it will require around half as lengthy when in comparison to some southern departure site. Nevertheless, if you’re ocean-sick, make certain you look into the environment forecast first, being an irritated ocean could ruin your vacation.

If such crossings don’t scare you – plus they should not – you may choose to obtain a evening-time Bali to Gili Islands ferry. Ferries depart well after night time from Padang Bai and you’ll get to Lembar the following morning. After that you’ll have to have a bus to Bangsal Harbour where one can have a public boat towards the Gili Islands. This slow ferry choice is not intended for you, if you’re not patient or if you don’t have free time. However, it’s the ideal method of getting from Bali towards the Gilis, if you’re on a tight budget.

To sum everything up, fundamental essentials how to travel from Bali towards the Gili Islands by ferry. Bear in mind that slow ferries usually travel by evening and also the cost is substantially less than traveling by speed boat. No matter which kind of transfer you go searching for, you are able to enjoy these rides, as traveling by ferry is certainly not much like your usual inland journey.

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